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Stop Work Defense

As business owners, we are familiar with the robust set of regulations that affect our daily lives and the companies we own. These include things like licensure issues, regulatory compliance, and insurance requirements. In many states, if an employer fails to obtain or maintain workers' compensation insurance for its employees, it could be charged severe penalties and even issued a stop-work order until insurance is obtained. Takos Law Group has specific experience assisting employers with these types of workers' compensation insurance penalties and disputes. Our team is unique because our attorneys have not only advised and represented a variety of private employers but have also served as counsel for state regulatory agencies. Having experience on both sides of the table helps us provide our clients with a specialized approach designed to efficiently navigate the appeals process and ultimately reduce any penalties. At Takos Law Group, we understand that businesses are at the heart of our community. Our hope is to assist you in removing any barriers, financial or otherwise, so that your business can continue to grow and operate at full capacity. 

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